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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "How do I know this will work for me?"


This works as long as you have a minimum of 1 hour per day, are coachable, and are willing to learn a new set of skills for building an ecommerce business. If you meet that criteria and it still doesn’t work, we have a generous refund policy that will return the full cost of the program to you. We firmly believe as long as you do the work, you will build a profitable Shopify store within the duration of the program.

Question: "Why shouldn't I just try to do this on my own?"


As we addressed earlier, doing this alone will take much more time than 1 hour per day over several months to put the pieces together in a way that makes sense. Each step requires research, prerequisite skills, and knowledge to make it work. Clients previously have spent 6-12 months and/or thousands of dollars on “research” without succeeding at building a profitable store. 


Only you can determine how much your time is worth and how quickly you want to build a profitable store. This will work if you have 1-2 years+ to spend on researching and trial and error, and have a budget to test products/stores while simultaneously learning how to do so. 


There is no point in reinventing the wheel at this stage of the game.

Question: "This sounds expensive. What's the cost? I don't think I can afford it."


We have several options (starting at as low as $97) and are willing to work with you to find a feasible solution for your current situation. If you currently are mentally, financially and physically all in to building a profitable shopify store, and just want to figure out how much to budget, click book a call and get a price!

Question: "I don't have time. How much time do I need to do this?"

This program is designed to save you time. If you don’t have a minimum of 1hr/day to put towards starting a new business, then starting a business is not for you. This is not a game, a hobby, or a fantasy. If you are ready to take building a business seriously, and are willing to make the time, then click book a call and get a price to see how we can help.

Question: "How do I know you guys are legit?"

Here is more background information on who we are and why we’re doing this.

Question: "Why wouldn’t you just continue to build profitable stores instead of coaching?"

We considered that coaching is the bigger opportunity in this space because we want to be the leading coaching program for anyone trying to get into E-Commerce. As this industry grows (which we expect it to), we want to eventually become the MAIN company that everyone learns from to enter this space. We’re setting up that position now and we believe that to be the bigger and more lucrative opportunity (potentially 8 figures +), long term, instead of building and selling stores.


Question: "Are there any long term contracts?"


Contracts are 3 months long.

Question: "Are there any hidden upsells in the program?"

No - once you are in the program, you will get everything I’ve described above.  No hidden upsells and no fees that pop up later. You will get the entire system and support to grow your store.


Question: "What kind of product would I be selling?" 

Since you don't invest in holding inventory, that means you can sell pretty much anything and source it directly from suppliers/manufacturers. Finding the best products to sell online is part of what we teach our clients.

Question: "Will this work for me if I’m in [your country]?"

This will work for any country. You will need to research the costs of acquiring a business license/registering a business in your country.

Question: "Is Ecommerce saturated?"


NO! Ecommerce is growing exponentially every year, more of the world is gaining the ability to purchase items online, that's what makes this the perfect time to jump into ecommerce!

Question: "How much money do I need to start?"

Very little, part of what makes Ecommerce an incredible opportunity is it requires very little upfront capital, if any!


We recommend clients budget approximately $100. This covers the initial shopify subscription payment, registering a business licence, buying a website domain, contracting logos/graphics on fiverr, rapid-fire testing using FB ads.

Question: "Would this be my own business?"

YES! Shopify is simply the best platform you can use to create your own online store. That means this would be your OWN online business that you would control 100% of. It also means that you are building your own cash flowing asset!


Question: "Do I need a business already?" 

NO! With Shopify you can have your own online business up and running in no time!


Question: "How can you guarantee I'll make money?"

There's no such thing as a guaranteed investment - stay away from anything that promises a return, what you'll learn from us is the exact strategies you need to succeed in ecommerce, your results will depend on your efforts and consistency!

Question: "Why don’t I just find someone who will build it for me and split the profits?"


This does not exist without a significant upfront cost. Why would someone build your business for you, make money with that business, and then give you part of the business? What do they get out of it?

With that said, if you are working on it, this requires you do the work and if you are unable to launch in a specific time window, the company has no reason to continue investing time or energy into your store. Why should they put more effort into you if you are not producing revenue?


This is a losing deal for a reputable company. If someone offers you this, they have found a way to con you.

Here's The Proof...


ABOVE PIC: Monthly breakdown of sales (12 months - No. 1, 2017 - Dec. 31, 2018) with a high of 35K USD


ABOVE PIC: Breakdown of all numbers totalling $251,194.85 in Revenue​

  • 0-250K in 1 year at 55% Margins

  • 7% Return Rate

  • 10% Discounted Rate

  • 4.7k customers

More Proof...


Images Left to Right: 

1) Breakdown of sales, sources and graph from Nov. 2017 - Oct. 2018

2 & 3) Shopify Sales Mobile Notifications


Images Left to Right:

1) Mobile platform screenshot of 1 day sales in progress

2) Pic of desktop screen showing previous day sales totalling 1.2K revenue

What Our Students Are Saying...


Brian Heil

Started out working at Fossil 9-5, while getting a college degree. He hated his job and disliked his future prospects.

He started a Shopify store because he was hearing about other people succeeding in this space, and started a 6 year journey into Ecommerce to try and succeed.

Eventually created a process to take a brand new store to 30k/month at 55% margins in 2 months, make 100k profit in 4 months, sell 250k worth of product, and sell that store to someone else for 100k.

Friends/Family were asking how to do it - so after selling he decided to build out the best training program possible in this space.


Ridwan Mao

Graduated from Ontario Tech University with an Honors in Health Sciences Degree.


Ran a successful online fitness coaching business for 2 years. Moved to a condo in downtown Toronto, enjoyed life and had fun with friends and GF. 


Pivoted into digital marketing consulting. Managed the lead generation team for an 8 figure online consulting company.


Connected with Brian through a mutual friend and discussed future business ideas. 


Partnered up to launch Ecom Transfer and build out the coaching program.


Ali Musaji

Graduated from Engineering/Construction Management in 2018. Worked for the City of Toronto and Energy Star as a project manager and consultant.


Entered entrepreneurship through working in lead generation for an 8-figure online consulting company. 


Knew Ridwan for several years. Connected with Brian in 2021 to co-found Ecom Transfer. 


Took skills in lead generation and marketing and applied it to Ecom Transfer to help reach as many people as possible.

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