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Build A Side Income With Shopify In Under 30 Days Or Your Money Back (GUARANTEED)

Here's The Proof...


ABOVE PIC: Monthly breakdown of sales (12 months - No. 1, 2017 - Dec. 31, 2018) with a high of 35K USD


ABOVE PIC: Breakdown of all numbers totalling $251,194.85 in Revenue​

  • 0-250K in 1 year at 55% Margins

  • 7% Return Rate

  • 10% Discounted Rate

  • 4.7k customers

More Proof...


Images Left to Right: 

1) Breakdown of sales, sources and graph from Nov. 2017 - Oct. 2018

2 & 3) Shopify Sales Mobile Notifications


Images Left to Right:

1) Mobile platform screenshot of 1 day sales in progress

2) Pic of desktop screen showing previous day sales totalling 1.2K revenue

What Our Students Are Saying...


Who This Is For

Now, who is this for? If you are trying to quit a job you hate, make enough money to be financially free, and live life on your own terms, then stick around.


If you are worried about being stuck in the same job and having to work 9-5 forever.


If you are worried that you’re going to miss the boat on ecommerce, and that everyone else is succeeding except for you.

If you are worried you can’t make any money with Ecommerce or that the market is saturated.


If you’ve spent months or years researching this but haven’t made any money and are still working your 9-5.


If you’ve paid for pricey programs and haven’t gotten the info you needed or the support you wanted.


If you’re running a store and only making a handful of sales per month, with very little profit.


If you’re barely breaking even or haven’t made any sales but have no idea how to market, sell, or hit big numbers with your store.


If you’re paralyzed by fear and information overload, and can’t figure out the best way to get started and make money with Ecommerce.

If you suspect that there is an easier way to find a product, launch your store, and make thousands of dollars online, even as a beginner.

If you hate being stuck on the “traditional” life path (college, 9-5, retire at 65+).


If you hate being stuck in a job that takes all of your time and energy.


If you hate clocking into a soul-sucking job.

If you hate seeing everyone else succeed around you and not making money yourself.


If you hate burning money for nothing and being broke.


If you hate making excuses and being stuck in the same place.

If you hate wasting months or years on research with nothing to show for it.


If you hate being stagnant and talking yourself out of taking chances to change your life.


If you hate being surrounded by nay-sayers or people that don’t want to change their lives.


Then this is for you.

Thesis Steps: How To Make Your First 5-10 Sales and Find a Winning Product This Month From Scratch

Old Result
New Result

Product that doesn’t perform. “Failed dream”. No sales, no traction. No one wants to buy it. Nobody cares about your product or store. The niche is all wrong. No way to course correct or pivot to a different product effectively. Repeated failed attempts at finding a product.

A method for quickly finding winning products and building multiple stores. You will be able to test products quickly because you always have a path forward. If your product doesn’t work you can quickly find a new one. No time wasted, no money wasted, fast and efficient, research backed.

Key Insights

1) A research-backed set of criteria for finding profitable products leads to faster, profitable, and repeatable launches

Profitable products and stores are not random, and are not fueled/chosen by emotion. They are products that have specific criteria that allows them to perform well in the market. These criteria cover important factors such as potential margins, demand, quality, resonance within the market, size of niche/variants, competition, and whether or not a product has a “WOW” factor.


Example: Checklist we use to quickly determine if a product is a winner


8 Criteria are: Wow factor, Problem solver, Simple, 3-5X Mark Up, Broad Niche, Multiple Variants, Small Size, China/USA supplier, High Order Volume, Good Reviews

Use template: Product Worksheet



Questions: "What if I already know what I want to sell?"


Take your idea through the criteria you’ve come up with and see how well it stacks up. That will allow you to quickly determine if it’s worth taking your product to the next step (testing/validating) or if you should pivot. If it passes, then great. If it doesn’t, then it would be a waste of your time to try to put more time, money and energy into selling that product. If you don’t use a process or criteria, you will end up stuck if that product doesn’t sell.

Question: "I don’t only care about profits, I also want to sell something I care about. What should I do?"


Run multiple products that you are interested in through the criteria and determine which is a best fit based on your personal preferences and how likely it is to perform. You can use this process to find what you WANT to sell and a product that you feel confident WILL sell.


Question: "I don’t want to sell something cheap from China. Can I find quality products using this process?"


Yes, your criteria should account for this.

Step 1: Find A Winning Product

Old Way
New Way

Go by “gut feeling” or look at what everyone else is selling (friends/ads/etc).


Looking at high order volumes on AliExpress. Using emotion to make these decisions. Using your own skills/experience/background (unrelated to ecommerce) to pick a product.

Do market research on a wide range of products that are performing well (look for metrics and insights on that store/products/niche) and then backwards engineer the criteria that these winning products share. Use your time, manpower, energy and organization to distill these criteria into a formula you can use and repeat before picking your first product.


Alternatively, connect with a knowledgeable supplier, build a relationship and get insider information on what is selling well in the market and use that to backwards engineer the criteria to find other winning products that will also perform well.

Step 2: Validate Your Product

Quickly validate a product OR quickly pivot on a product that isn’t selling (can be as fast as 1-5 days). You can use FREE or PAID methods to do this.

Test will reveal where to spend your time and money so you can start scaling and exit the testing phase. 

Organic outreach will help you test a product without spend, takes more legwork but will give you the answers you want.


Make informed decisions and feel confident knowing you have a winning product

If a product doesn’t sell, you spend a ton of money with no result, increasing spend with no return or you barely break even.


Get discouraged, give up at this stage.

New Result
Old Result

Create an FB ad campaign to implement low-cost, rapid fire testing $5 a day, and then calculate your metrics (BEROAS) to determine profitability upfront and pivot quickly if the product is not moving.

OR Begin organic outreach on instagram to tap into free traffic. Start building an instagram page and a community.

Put up site and wait for customers

“If you build it, they will come” mentality

Hope & Pray

Spend more and more money hoping to get sales (if $5 day on paid ads doesn’t work, try 10/50/100 etc. Mentality is “if I didn’t get sales, it means i’m not spending enough”)

Dive into scaling - skip validation entirely. This goes hand in hand with spending more

New Way
Old Way
Key Insights

1) Using a product validation process will help you ensure you are putting your time and energy into a product that will scale

Validation is like dipping your toes in before diving into the pool. It gives you a lot of valuable information before you dive in so that you know if this is the right path to take. If there is no demand, and no buyers, then you know not to spend months or more $$$ on this product. 


If you find buyers, then you need to determine if the cost to acquire a buyer is worth the time and investment. If not, we move on. This phase will save you time, money, and heartbreak when done effectively because you will quickly weed out “Bad products” and can laser-focus on the ones that will perform well.


You can use FREE or PAID methods to do this

Low-cost rapid fire testing on FB will quickly reveal profitability of a product and allow you to make fast decisions based on data

Justin (Ecom Transfer Client) made his 1st sale within 24 hours of launching his store with $5 spend to make $67. (First Picture on Right)

Leigh (Ecom Transfer Client) Leigh making 1st sale within 72 hrs of launching store with $15 spend to make $59.97. (2nd Picture on Right)


Organic outreach on Instagram is a free and effective way to test a product without spending money.

I made $1000 in one weekend just by going to my Instagram page (that I had spent time growing followers on) and messaging everybody.


Question: “How long does this process take?” 


1-4 weeks. You will have enough data to make a decision within 1 week with paid testing.


Question: “What if I don’t have time to message people or build a community?” 


Use FB testing at $5/day


Question: “What if I put all that work in and it doesn’t work?”


This is a test to allow you to determine what works/doesn’t work. This method is free but if you find you don’t have any buyers - that is good feedback and part of what we’re looking for. That data will prevent you from spending MORE time/money/effort on a losing product.

Step 3: Create an Irresistible Offer

Use consumer psychology to determine "buying triggers" and influence customers to buy with your design, pictures, etc.

Use urgency, copywriting, and perks to make your product stand out and get people to buy RIGHT NOW

Be strategic about your funnel/store layout to be as persuasive as possible

Make sure your front and back end are optimized to convert your audience from the start

Use store design template 

Post product on site and wait

Compete only on price to stand out - discount your product too much and ruin your own margins

Hope & pray people buy

New Way
Old Way

Make your first few sales very quickly, get store/product insights very quickly, hit 5-10 sales within a month and start scaling from there

Few sales, quickly run out of people that will buy from you, no consistency, low profitability, extremely discouraging, burn out, give up, feel like “ecommerce is not for me" OR spend a ton of money trying to get off the ground and go broke

New Result
Old Result

Key Insights

4) Reviews will significantly increase sales by 10-50% by increasing your prospect’s trust in your product

One of the most important factors for making a buying decision online is TRUST.  How do I know I’m getting a good product? Is the question people want answered. You solve this by providing reviews/testimonials of the product.

Express Watches Increased Their Purchases By 58% Using Trust Pilot and Customer Reviews

They came up with the solution of adding customer reviews on all product pages of the site. But the problem with testimonials was that anyone could display some “testimonials.” There was no way for visitors to know if the testimonials themselves were genuine.

Solution: Add the Trust PIlot Widget to the Product Pages



If you do not have reviews, use the reviews from the supplier/manufacturer about the product to show potential customers that you have a legitimate, quality product.

4) Adding free shipping on orders will increase conversions by 20-50%

“Sweetening” the deal by adding perks like free shipping can increase conversions significantly, up to 50% depending on offer and traffic

2BigFeet began offering free shipping on orders over $100 and increased their conversions by 50% overnight. - SOURCE 

TrailCamPro increased their sales by 20% just by adding free shipping for orders over $99 and free returns for 90 days. - SOURCE 

3) Using clear and compelling copywriting on your website and product descriptions will increase conversions by 10%+

People do not buy only because they think the product is cool, or looks good. They still need to be “sold” or convinced that it is worth it, or that they should buy your product now (it’s easy to procrastinate on a buying decision - think of how many products you said you would circle back to and never did?). 


This is done through copywriting and using consumer psychology to create urgency, a sense of trust, and nurture your relationship with your customer. You can make more sales and scale more quickly if you can effectively “convince” your customer that your product is useful, specific to them (speaks to their desires or problems), will create a measurable net positive effect in their lives, and that they should buy NOW not later. 

Online retail giant, for example, saw an 84% increase in organic traffic in just one month by using OneSpace freelancers to optimize the product descriptions on 10% of its top-converting pages. - SOURCE

According to Salsify’s 2017 “Cracking the Consumer Code” report, 87% of shoppers rate product content extremely or very important when deciding to buy, and 50% have returned an item they bought online because it didn’t match the product description. - SOURCE

Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report 2021 shows that straightforward, short, easy to read copy converts better and can be the difference between 10-12%+conversion vs 4-6% conversions - SOURCE


Marcus Taylor increased sales by 332%, and improved conversions from 2.5% to 10.8% with 1 tweak to add more urgency to a Digital Product for Musicians. - SOURCE


Before - CTA without Urgency


After - CTA with Urgency

German company L’Axelle found that making their page copy more action-focused led to a 93% increase in clicks. No joke. - SOURCE


Before (Left) vs. After (Right)


Question: “How do I know my copywriting will work?” 


You'll need an understanding of your demographic/market and use their pains/goals/problems to get specific about how the product will help them, then test things out to see what improves conversions.


Question: “What if I don’t have reviews for my products?”


Use reviews from supplier about product. You should not sell a product with no existing reviews.

Question: “What if I want to sell multiple products on my store?”


You should. However, those products should all be a part of the same niche and connect logically to your initial product. That comes later. There is a testing process to determining what sells so instead of throwing multiple products into 1 store to see what sells, test 1 at a time to determine what is most profitable, then build from there by adding other products in the same niche.

Step 4: Find Traffic & Advertise

Clear insights on how to target, run ads, and what traffic sources to use + discard, and how to get your first customers and scale. This leads to a higher ROI and more effective marketing.

No buyers (nobody comes to the store), store fades into obscurity, lose money on bad ads, get a poor ROI or go broke. Information overload and months and months of research without implementing the first step for fear of making a mistake. Miss out on money because you can’t generate traffic effectively.

New Result
Old Result

Familiarize yourself with all the most effective marketing channels for your product/niche

Research google ads/FB ads/organic outreach/instagram ads, research all the different traffic sources you can tap into,


Do market research to determine where your customers are and how to reach them, and then how to actually tap into these traffic sources. Determine what is the most cost-effective and highest ROI for your current situation based on budget, time, goals, etc. Pick one and then start testing.

Pay for ads without learning how to use them effectively, or what traffic sources to use. 

Watch lots of youtube videos that are not relevant to your situation and piece together what may or may not work, or may be outdated.

New Way
Old Way
Key Insights

1) Correctly understanding traffic sources, and how to tap into them, will result in 10x higher ROI

In order to make sales consistently, there are lots of different avenues with their own pros/cons (especially as they relate to your market). Your job as a store owner is not just to create a store, it is to find your customers and convince them to buy from you. This comes down to knowing where they are, who they are, and how to talk to them.

Knowing where they are and how to reach them improves conversions

  • Email is the highest converting traffic channel, followed by social media, then search traffic

  • Paid search drives roughly half of all traffic to form-fill and click-through landing pages in ecommerce (53.7% and 49.0%, respectively). Social platforms account for about one-fifth (19.8% and 19.1%). All other traffic channels (like email, display ads, organic search) bring in the remaining one-third of visitors.




Question: “How do I know what the best traffic source is?” 


That depends on your product and niche. Keeping a close eye on your conversions and metrics, then using those to compare to different channels, will allow you to find the most effective one for you. With that said, you will most likely use multiple different sources and stack your efforts to reach as many customers as possible.

Comparison of Options 


Alternative Results

Alternative Price

Alternative Time




Hire a virtual store manager/VA to build and run your store

Sub-par results. Manager/VA will not be invested in results - and would not take the job if they could get great results (why split profits?). No knowledge gained to fix mistakes or troubleshoot if things go wrong.


Do It Yourself


6-12 Months

Usually nothing. Shopify has become extremely competitive, and the skills needed are so specialized it will take several hours every day for 1 year+ to become highly proficient without any help. Most people simply fail.

EcomTransfer Beginner Course

Launch profitable store, find a winning product and make your first 5-10 sales in a month

1 Month

Option 1: Hire a virtual store manager/VA to build and run your store for you, however this will likely fail because:

The store manager is not invested in the success of this store, especially after being paid. They have no skin in the game and will be satisfied with sub-par results. Why should they care if it hits your goal? They have been paid. If it doesn’t get results, you have no way to get the store back on track. You are out money with no knowledge to fix the situation. 


Any store manager worth his/her salt is already running a business and not looking for a job (sorry, but it’s true). If they could build their own profitable 5-6 figure stores effectively and quickly, why would they run yours instead of just taking the stores profit themselves or coaching you instead?


THIS CAN COST $1000+ AND TAKE 3-5 MONTHS+. You will not be sure of the results, and you will not know what to fix/change if they do a bad job. You will be left with a business you don’t understand

Option 2: Do it yourself, however this will likely fail because:

Succeeding in Shopify has become extremely competitive (it is no longer 2012-2014 when only a few people were put on to the opportunity) and the skills needed are so specialized (from understanding the market, products, consumer psychology, digital advertising, branding, organization, metrics and design), it will take you at least 3-6 hours per day for 1 year to become highly proficient without any help. The strategies we teach to shortcut the process took 8 years to distill.

This will take you 3-6 hours per day for 1 year, that time will be spent on research and implementation per day, and $1000-2000+ to pay for and test different strategies with no guarantee of ROI because you are testing. You will also have to troubleshoot things yourself.


Your expected result by the end of that is little to no profit or traction. If you do not already have the knowledge, skills or guidance to figure out what’s “real” and what’s “not”, this is impossible without months/years of effort. Most people simply fail.

Option 3: Use Ecom Transfer’s Beginner Course

Or you can work with Ecom Transfer and Launch profitable store, find a winning product and make your first 5-10 sales in a month for less than 1/10th of the cost and 1/10th of the effort.


3-6 Months

Again, this is for ecommerce beginners who want to quit their 9-5 and build a profitable business, but are struggling with knowing where to start, what to sell, and how to launch a profitable ecommerce store.


Start Date: Nov. 2017

Before: $0, Working 9-5

After: 250k Rev. 55% margins in 1 Year

  • Started out working at Fossil 9-5, while getting a college degree. He hated his job and disliked his future prospects.

  • Started Dropshipping with Shopify selling fitness apparel online

  • Scaled store to 30k/month at 55% margins in 2 months, sold 250k worth of product in 12 months, and sold that entire store for 100k

Here's What's Going To Happen When You Purchase This Program

Find Your First Profitable Product in 2-3 Days...


Make Your First Sale Within 1 Week...


Launch A Profitable Shopify Store Within 1 Month...


And you will feel empowered, confident and motivated!


How It Works


Winning Product + Testing/Validation Training

Before when you wanted to find a profitable product, you would have to test and sell multiple products (2+ minimum) until you find a winning product and then backwards engineer the criteria that it has to find other winning products that will also perform well. During that process, you could also connect with a knowledgeable supplier, build a relationship and get insider information on what is selling well in the market.


Alternatively, you could do market research on a wide range of products that are performing well (get metrics and insights on that product/niche/stores, not easy to find especially


if you do not know someone within that company) and then backwards engineer the criteria that these winning products share. Use your time, manpower, energy and organization to distill these criteria into a formula you can use and repeat before picking your first product so you can ensure you have a winner.

But now you can use our ‘winning product methodology’’ to find a profitable product within a week backed by 6 years of winning product research, without wasting months/years researching or picking the wrong product on your own.

This will save you months and give you a clear roadmap to find profitable products again and again. This is valued at $1189.

6-Figure Store Design Fundamentals

Before, when you wanted to build & design your store, you would build a store around 1 PRODUCT and focus on BRANDING then make sure back-end principles are sound. Read books on consumer psychology, copywriting, get insider insights from profitable/successful ecommerce brands on how they structure the back end, “model” other profitable stores in your niche to figure out what makes them profitable. Learn technical knowledge behind setting up upsells/cross sells and increasing “average order value” and “lifetime value” of a customer.


But now you can watch and implement our ‘store design/first sale videos to learn the action-based principles you need to put into a high performing store so you can build a store that is profitable from day one. You can focus on exactly what is needed to get your first 5-10 sales this month. 

This will save you months of tweaking and testing to include all of the right elements, ensure you aren’t missing out on sales from the beginning, and help you start making money as soon as possible. This is valued at $899.

unnamed (1).png

Ecommerce Traffic/Advertising and Scaling Methodology

Before, when you wanted to determine and learn traffic sources, you would have to  familiarize yourself with all the most effective marketing channels for your product/niche. You would also need to research google ads/FB ads/organic outreach/instagram ads, research all the different traffic sources you can tap into, do market research to determine where your customers are and how to reach them, and then how to actually tap into these traffic sources. Determine what is the most cost-effective and highest ROI for your current situation based on budget, time, goals, etc. Pick one and then start testing.


But now, you can use our ‘Traffic/Advertising’ modules to cut straight to implementing the most effective methods to advertise and drive traffic to your store from the beginning, without the research required to determine what works best. It is all laid out for you.


This will save you 1-3 months of research and give you a clear action plan to follow so you know what steps to take when you’re ready to advertise. This is valued at $499.

Winning Product Methodology

6-Figure Store Design Fundamentals

Product Validation Framework

Ecommerce Traffic/Advertising and Scaling Methodology


Valued at $799

Valued at $399

Valued at $899

Valued at $499

Valued at $2596

Now Only $97

(Limited Time Offer)


We've discounted this program (for a limited time) to $97.

Once you leave this page, there is no guarantee the price will stay the same.

We will be increasing the price once we reach 100 clients, or once the timer ends (whichever comes first) so we can reward those action-takers ready to build the business of their dreams, and ensure the quality of our program.

Lifetime Access... At a Limited Time Discount

Summary + Guarantee

Winning Product Methodology

6-Figure Store Design Fundamentals

Product Validation Framework

Ecommerce Traffic/Advertising and Scaling Methodology


Valued at $799

Valued at $899

Valued at $399

Valued at $499

Valued at $2596

Now Only $97

(Limited Time Offer)


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Total Value

Of course we back everything up with a guarantee. Meaning if we don’t deliver on our promises, you don’t pay a dime.


We'll give you a whole 30 Days with the ENTIRE program, read through it all, test it out... And if any point, during the next 30 Days of receiving your items... You feel it wont work for you, the content is too high level, you don't like the font I use throughout... Literally for ANY REASON...


30 Day Money Back
Guarantee: 100% Risk Free

So let’s summarize this offer: 


You get: 


Winning Product Methodology

Product Validation Framework


6-Figure Store Design Fundamentals

Ecommerce Traffic/Advertising and Scaling Methodology

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

INSTEAD OF $2596...






Question: "How do I know this will work for me?"


This works as long as you have a minimum of 1 hour per day, are coachable, and are willing to learn a new set of skills for building an ecommerce business. If you meet that criteria and it still doesn’t work, we have a generous refund policy that will return the full cost of the program to you. We firmly believe as long as you do the work, you will build a profitable Shopify store within the duration of the program.

Question: "Why shouldn't I just try to do this on my own?"


As we addressed earlier, doing this alone will take much more time than 1 hour per day over several months to put the pieces together in a way that makes sense. Each step requires research, prerequisite skills, and knowledge to make it work. Clients previously have spent 6-12 months and/or thousands of dollars on “research” without succeeding at building a profitable store. 


Only you can determine how much your time is worth and how quickly you want to build a profitable store. This will work if you have 1-2 years+ to spend on researching and trial and error, and have a budget to test products/stores while simultaneously learning how to do so. 


There is no point in reinventing the wheel at this stage of the game.

Question: "This sounds expensive. What's the cost? I don't think I can afford it."


This current program is heavily discounted to get this into the hands of as many people as possible. The price is listed on this page and that is FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. It is significantly cheaper than all the other options on the market, especially for what you're getting.

Question: "I don't have time. How much time do I need to do this?"

This program is designed to save you time. If you don’t have a minimum of 1hr/day to put towards starting a new business, then starting a business is not for you. This is not a game, a hobby, or a fantasy. If you are ready to take building a business seriously, and are willing to make the time, then click book a call and get a price to see how we can help.

Question: "How do I know you guys are legit?"

Here is more background information on who we are, why we’re doing this, and our results.

Question: "Why wouldn’t you just continue to build profitable stores instead of coaching?"

We considered that coaching is the bigger opportunity in this space because we want to be the leading coaching program for anyone trying to get into E-Commerce. As this industry grows (which we expect it to), we want to eventually become the MAIN company that everyone learns from to enter this space. We’re setting up that position now and we believe that to be the bigger and more lucrative opportunity (potentially 8 figures +), long term, instead of building and selling stores.


Question: "Are there any long term contracts?"


Contracts are 4 months long for our 1-1 coaching program. There are no contracts for our beginner course.

Question: "Are there any hidden upsells in the program?"

No - once you are in the program, you will get everything I’ve described above.  No hidden upsells and no fees that pop up later unless you would like to upgrade to our 1-1 coaching.


Question: "What kind of product would I be selling?" 

Since you don't invest in holding inventory, that means you can sell pretty much anything and source it directly from suppliers/manufacturers. Finding the best products to sell online is part of what we teach our clients.

Question: "Will this work for me if I’m in [your country]?"

This will work for any country. You will need to research the costs of acquiring a business license/registering a business in your country.

Question: Is Ecommerce saturated?"


NO! Ecommerce is growing exponentially every year, more of the world is gaining the ability to purchase items online, that's what makes this the perfect time to jump into ecommerce!

Question: "How much money do I need to start?"

Very little, part of what makes Ecommerce an incredible opportunity is it requires very little upfront capital, if any!


We recommend clients budget approximately $100. This covers the initial shopify subscription payment, registering a business licence, buying a website domain, contracting logos/graphics on fiverr, rapid-fire testing using FB ads.

Question: "Would this be my own business?"

YES! Shopify is simply the best platform you can use to create your own online store. That means this would be your OWN online business that you would control 100% of. It also means that you are building your own cash flowing asset!


Question: "Do I need a business already?" 

NO! With Shopify you can have your own online business up and running in no time!


Question: "How can you guarantee I'll make money?"

There's no such thing as a guaranteed investment - stay away from anything that promises a return, what you'll learn from us is the exact strategies you need to succeed in ecommerce, your results will depend on your efforts and consistency!

Question: "Why don’t I just find someone who will build it for me and split the profits?"


This does not exist without a significant upfront cost. Why would someone build your business for you, make money with that business, and then give you part of the business? What do they get out of it?

With that said, if you are working on it, this requires you do the work and if you are unable to launch in a specific time window, the company has no reason to continue investing time or energy into your store. Why should they put more effort into you if you are not producing revenue?


This is a losing deal for a reputable company. If someone offers you this, they have found a way to con you.

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